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SkyRiver Ventures is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in early stage cutting edge technologies between North America and Asia. We seek to work with talented people in their early stages of technology development who have a vision to positively impact the world. We play an active role in supporting companies throughout their development from regionally focused startups to global tech companies. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your business idea, contact us to schedule a meeting.

Our Strategy


Market Insight

Leverage proprietary market demand insights from global tech companies to identify large challenges, trends and opportunities.


Early-Stage Partnerships

Identify and invest in early-stage startups to proactively build strong partnerships with global tech companies to address identified market challenges.


Deep Industry Experience

Use our deep industry experience, extensive proprietary network, and cultural understanding to transform a regional startup into a high-value global company with accelerated growth.


Community Partnerships November 20215382 Tight_edited.jpg

Hyuk-Jeen Suh

General Partner

Community Partnerships November 20215418 Tight_edited.jpg

Benjamin Heywood

General Partner

Venture Portfolio

Our Companies


Re-imagining forest management from the ground up

Geminus Logo_edited.png

AI for the energy transition

Labrador Systems_edited.png

A new generation of assistive robots


Replacing cement as we know it

Phoenix Tailings Logo.png

Sustainable technology for rare earth metals production


Novel modular powertrains for electric vehicles


Sustainable next generation of super polymers


Who's Next?

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